Sight is considered to be one of our most dominating senses. But what happens if we allow ourselves to explore and enhance our surroundings through other senses as well or instead?

Can a view be experienced without sight? Does a city have a pulse, literally? What makes a tiny square seem stupendous, a garden deep, an escalator inspiring, a bus stop enchanting and how come water sometimes smells loud?

Sikargården Photographs by visually impaired children and young adults at Sikargården, June 2015.In collaboration with visually impaired people, FLUST explore how we experience and relate to our common habitats with other senses than primarily our eyesight.

Parkour of the Senses engages in active participation sprung from a broad frame of reference. The project encourages civic engagement through cultural activities that intertwine specific voices with broader community issues.

If we truly want to embrace a genuine and diverse plurality we need to expose ourselves and others to the unfamiliar and be able to attend to the renewed that will arise within.
FLUST regard the visually impaired to be a self-evident resource that provides great value in a process towards a more inclusive, enhanced and socially sustainable common habitat. Not only for a minority but for the majority.

Barbro and the lake from FLUST on Vimeo.

Rolf on the subway from FLUST on Vimeo.

Parkour of the senses was founded by Kulturbryggan and Stiftelsen Längmanska kulturfonden.