FLUST is a non-profit organization promoting artistic diversity, accessability and civic engagement through collaborative projects that intertwines specific voices with broader community issues.

The organization was formed by the initiators of Taktil foto, a three year project that developed a method for socially engaging project-based work, as well as a new technique enabling the production of tactile photographs (www.taktilfoto.se/summary).

The members of FLUST are creative professionals within the field of photography, documentary filmmaking, project leading, teaching, exhibition production, book publishing etc.

Goals and visions
As a member of FLUST, you believe in the individual’s potential in a socially engaging context. The overall aim with projects and collaborations produced by members of FLUST is to contribute to our civil society’s capacity to engage people on the basis of commitment and determination to influence their life situation and/or the community at large .

FLUST is a Nowegian word that means ‘lots-and-lots’.

Get in touch with us via contact[at]truls.se